Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Fall Essentials

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year. Beautiful warm colored leaves falling out doors, nice cool weather, plus theirs a ton to look forward to cause its the start of the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.). 

So what are my fall essentials? Lets go over it together in order....Lets start with makeup. Since its the fall, all the summer bright makeup colors now turn into more warm fall colors. I have been obsessed with dark lips and nails this season. I usually don't opt for a lip this dark but after giving it a try I have crossed over to the dark side. You guys should try it. Some of my favorite dark fall lip colors are:1. Hang Up by MAC2. Cyber by MAC3. Black Cherry by Milani 4. Sangria by Milani My go to look for the fall is a simple neutral eye, big lashes and some winged liner. A warm blush and a dark lip. 

When it comes to fall fashion their are a couple of things I like to have during the season. 

1. Nice N cozy fashionable sweaters are a must in my closet. I especially love the fall color sweaters, like dark purple, burgundy, army green etc. 2. All different kinds of boots for any kind of outfit. I like to build my collection by purchasing a couple of good quality leather boots ever year depending on my budget that year. As long as I take good care of all my boots I can get great use out of them for years and build my collection. 3. Infinity scarfs have also become a part of my fall favorites. They are so easy and look great with anything. Plus they keep you warm.. I mean seriously, what else can you ask for? Nothing except a warm cup of tea, which brings me to me next topic, Tea.  

Have you guys ever had "Red Roobios Tea" before?  If not you all better research it. Its so good for you, its way better then green tea. It relaxes you so ts great right before bed cause it helps you sleep better. Its also great for upset tummies. Theres a ton of antioxidants and way more other benefits. I love having me a nice cup of tea during the fall time. The next thang on my list is fall scents. I love making the house smell like pumpkin spice and everything nice. You can use candles, plug in scents, sprays. It doesnt really matter as long as It smells like a wonderful fall evening Im happy. I always have those fall scents going through the house.