Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Setph's 10 Beauty Tips

I don't know about you, but I love learning about other peoples tips and tricks because someone may tell you something that can really work for you and plus its very interesting. so I decided to share my tips and tricks that I learned though out the years and use myself! Enjoy!

1. Ok, so you have probably heard about this a bunch of times but it remands super true. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Oh yes girlfriend! I'm serious! Water cleanses and detoxifies your body and your pores. But drinking water alone wont do it all. If you really want to take it up a notch then eliminate all sodas and sugary drinks from your diet. Those drinks are "no bueno" (not good) for your body or your skin.

2. If you accidentally get pen mark on your clothes, just apply some rubbing alcohol on it and toss it in the dryer. I know you may not think that's beauty related but trust me girl when you get ink on your favorite pair of white shorts like I did your gonna want to wish you knew about this tip!

3. have you ever had a tanning fail happen to you? By tanning fail I mean you applied sunless tanning product to your skin only to get streaks and brown spots that look like you need a doctor. lol.. you know what I'm talking about if you use sunless tanning then you can relate.. Every girl that uses sunless tanning went through this at least once. Well what can really help it fade is 1. try some sugar with a squeezed lime and exfoliate that on t he effected areas. 2. If that doesnt work try rubbing the effected area with nail polish remover on a cotton pad. And if that doesn't work then take lots and lots of showers. lol!

4. Take vitamins! Oh yeaaaa! I like the Centrum Woman's Vitamins! They help your nails and hair look healthy. Plus they help you bones and your body stay healthy! Especially if you don't eat alot of fruits and veggies, I think its great to have those vitamins your body needs.

5. Don't burn your hair! here is a straightener tip. If your straightener ever smells like burnt, that means its time to throw it out and buy a new straightener. When you have your straightener for a while, the ceramic(or titanium or what ever its made of lol) will start to wear off and start to actually burn your hair. Your hair will smell like burnt and thats not pretty! o make sure to keep that in mind girls!

6. If you favorite nail polish is getting a bit dry, try putting a little bit of nail polish remover in it and shake well. After that, your gonna have to buy a new!

7. if your hair is a bit dry, try washing your hair once every 3 to 4 days. I know it sounds gross but its very healthy for your scalp and you will start to notice your hair will be less dry. And if you ever wake up with the opposite, Excess oily scalp, then try dry shampoo spray I love it. If you don't have dry shampoo, try baby power or your setting powder! And Walaaa!

8. Work out! I don't care what you do. you can join a gym, buy some fitness dvds, go running in the park, play sports, etc. What ever you do, just remember its really important for you to be fit. Not only for your health but for beauty as well! you will feel better and look better when you fit fitness work outs into your daily life! I know what your thinking... "I'm to busy" and thats no excuse girl! you can always fit a couple of min into your schedule.

9. Always use a moisturizer after you shower so you can lock in moister and have that healthy glowing skin all the time!

10. Smile! I know it sounds cheesy but its super duper true! When you smile you automatically look more attractive to others. So smile! Its easy and can brighten up your day or someone elses!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3 Barrel Waver Iron

When I first saw this hair styling tool a while ago, I was like what in the wold is that thing? I had no idea what it was for and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who felt that way! Well it turns out that this is actually not as complicated as it looked. This hair tool is used to achieve a wavy style. The finished look reminds me of a Taylor Swifts signature hair style look. I love the results and you would be amazed of how easy it is to achieve. I especially love to use this iron on my extension. It looks very mermaid like. Well I thought I would make a video in order to show you what I mean. If you have any questions please make sure to leave them below.. enjoy the video tutorial.

xoxo Steph

Thursday, September 30, 2010

MicrodermX ~ Is it a Rave or fail!

Ok so I recently tried this product called MicroDermX. Its basically an at home microdermabration treatment. lately I have been really into exfoliating and I really wanted to try microdermabration but then while I was researching about it, I found this product online. After researching about the product and reading all the reviews and its claims I thought I might as well give it a try. If you research Microdermx, you will find that it claims to do alot. When I got the package I was really excited. If you don't already know, when you exfoliate your skin it is suppose to smooth out your skin and help remove dead skin cells and what not. This product made my skin red and the next day it was a little bumpy. I didn't like it at all and I wouldn't recommend it especially if you have sensitive skin this product is not for you. If you want microdermabration just trust your dermatologist and if you can afford it just save up and for the mane time just use a regular exfoliator. That is my advise to you. Well I hope this helped you. I did send the product back today. It had a 60 days money back guarantee. this might have worked for other people but for me it was a negative. If you have any questions or comments leave them bellow. Thanks Have a great day!

Turn Winter Pale into Summer GLOW!

Ok, so I know that winter is right around the corner and we are all crossing our fingers hoping to wake up from a bad dream! Is it time for the cold weather already? No more summer nights, No more sipping cold drinks on the pool side, No more warm weather, No more nothing! Heiiii, theres still one thing you don't have to sacrifice because of the cold weather. Whats that you ask? Your summer Glow/tan! In the olden days winter meant flaunting your pale skin and loving it! But now we have so many options to help us keep our summer goddess look fresh all year long. Its all up to you and your needs. Its depends what you want and what you believe in. Check it out:

TANNING BEDS: Tanning beds are one of the first thing I think about when some one mentions tanning in the winter time because it was one of the first things introduced to me. Alot of people are against this method, but it all depends on each individual. I personally think that tanning beds are safe if used with caution. I mean to much of anything can be harmful to your body, you just got to know how much is enough. Besides tanning beds help give you your dosage of vitamin D which is hard to really get in the winter time when your not really in contact with the sun. Did you ever notice that in the winter time you tend to get alittle depressed. That happens to me. When I used to go tanning in the winter I used to get so happy afterwards and now I know why, plus it gave me a great tan. What ever you decide to do just protect your self and use tanning beds the correct way. Don't over do it, and always be safe.

SPRAY TAN: This is my favorite kind of tan because it gets me as dark as I want to get and its 100% safe. I love it. You can go as light or dark as you desire. This is how it works. You stand up and some one will airbrush spray your whole body from your head to your toes. They will make sure to get everything evenly and perfect. When you go to salons they also have those booths you step into and it automatically spray you but I really don't like that at all. Its messy and it makes me orange ands it just doesn't apply evenly so I really don't recommend the automatic machines. If you wanna get air brushed, make sure to go to a professional salon that does personal airbrush. This can run you $40 to $60 or more, depending on where you go. Its so worth it though, especially if you have a special event coming up.

SELF TANNER: Self tanners are the most convinient and affordable method of achieving a great tan all year long. There are a ton of different brands of self tanners out there, you just got to know which ones are the winners. Some make you orange and some make you streak but once you find the right one you will get addicted in no time. I know it might be scary to the begginers out there but its so worth it. I mean not that long ago I was also new with the whole self tanner thing and I feel in love with them. my favorite one is the brand SUN. I love it. you can check out my video on it on my beauty channel. Here is the link to that video:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hair Extensions? How to know which ones to buy!

Ok so Hair Extension, they are a great investment, especially if your like me and you love long hair. How do you know which ones to buy? Well, it all depends on your needs. First you have to decide which method you are going to choose. There are lots of different methods including, hand tied, weaving, fusions and my all time favorite, clip ons, which is the type I am going to be talking about today. (there are a lot more methods if you are interested in other methods you can search it on google) Clip on hair extensions are my favorite because you can put them on and take them off at any time at your own convenience. You can flaunt your natural locks one day and then flaunt long luxurious hair the next. The first thing you have to look at when investing in good quality hair extensions is the actual quality of the hair. What ever you do, don't get synthetic hair because although its the cheaper alternative, you can not apply any sort of heat on synthetic hair, which means no straightening, curling or anything. Plus, synthetic hair has a very harsh texture to it, yes it may feel soft when you first purchase it but believe me that will soon turn into a tangled mess. Did I mention that its a nightmare to brush out. The hair extension quality I recommend is of course human hair, because human hair is obviously like our own hair. You can do anything you would do to your regular hair to the human quality hair extensions. Now if you really want to invest in a fantastic pair of extensions, then you should go for remi quality hair extensions. Remi hair is claimed to use only the finest and beautiful human hair in the world. with all cuticles in the same directions. Ok, so now that you know what quality is all about, lets talk about after care. Having beautiful hair extensions isn't only about quality its also about how you take care of them after you purchase them. A good pair of great quality hair extensions can last a big while if you know how to care for them. Make sure to store them in a clean and dry area. They make hair extension cases now days. you can find them at sally's and other beauty supply stores. When brushing them be gentle and use the appropriate brush, when you buy your extensions, they should come with instructions on what is the best brushes to use on them. Also, make sure to wash them at least a day after you put any sort of styling product on them like hair spray and mouse. You don't want to have a sticky mess later. When you do wash them, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. After you wash them towel dry them and apply some sort of leave in conditioner. I recommend Chi keratin mist. Well, there it is girls, if you follow all these steps and tips, your hair extensions should last you a very long time. I have been into hair extensions ever since 2007 so I have had a couple of sets by now. I recently bought some by Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions and they great quality. I am going to review them soon. I will be doing a couple of videos on hair extensions soon including reviews on a couple of brands and how to wash them tutorial and some cute hair styles you can achieve with air extensions so stay tuned.

XOXO Steph

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Healthy Equals Beautiful

Ok, so I want to talk about healthy eating habits today. You might not think that its a related beauty subject, but its actually a very important one. Healthy eating habits cause lead to slimmer waste lines, healthier glowing skin and can make you feel unstoppable. There are so many things that you can do that will make a big difference. for example, did you know that soda causes stretch marks! Yes, and its also no good for you because of the super high sugar amounts in soda. If you take a first step by removing soda entirely from your diet, that would be a big stepping stone, not only for your health, but for your beauty. I removed soda from my diet along time ago, and I feel great. You don't have to go on a stick diet, take little steps, day by day. Try to eat more veggies and fruits, they will help your skin be brilliant. Intake more water instead of your energy drink. add exercise to the mix. If you add one healthy thing each day to your diet, you will be healthy in no time, better yet, you will glow and your friends will notice, not to mention you will feel better about yourself.

XoXo Steph

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

WELCOME! You might know me from YOU TUBE! I have a channel there, you can search me, my user name is Mizz Pink Diamonds! I decided to make a blog so I can post things here on the go or even extra things here I wont post on youtube! So keep in touch, and I will keep you posted with all the latest things on my mind! This blog will be mostly about beauty but will also touch some other surprise subjects. As you all know I am going to Europe in 2 weeks so this blog will also be great on the go. Now I can still keep in touch with you all even when I am not home. Well I hope you all like it and don't forget to put this page on your favorites! XOXO Steph