Friday, July 23, 2010

Hair Extensions? How to know which ones to buy!

Ok so Hair Extension, they are a great investment, especially if your like me and you love long hair. How do you know which ones to buy? Well, it all depends on your needs. First you have to decide which method you are going to choose. There are lots of different methods including, hand tied, weaving, fusions and my all time favorite, clip ons, which is the type I am going to be talking about today. (there are a lot more methods if you are interested in other methods you can search it on google) Clip on hair extensions are my favorite because you can put them on and take them off at any time at your own convenience. You can flaunt your natural locks one day and then flaunt long luxurious hair the next. The first thing you have to look at when investing in good quality hair extensions is the actual quality of the hair. What ever you do, don't get synthetic hair because although its the cheaper alternative, you can not apply any sort of heat on synthetic hair, which means no straightening, curling or anything. Plus, synthetic hair has a very harsh texture to it, yes it may feel soft when you first purchase it but believe me that will soon turn into a tangled mess. Did I mention that its a nightmare to brush out. The hair extension quality I recommend is of course human hair, because human hair is obviously like our own hair. You can do anything you would do to your regular hair to the human quality hair extensions. Now if you really want to invest in a fantastic pair of extensions, then you should go for remi quality hair extensions. Remi hair is claimed to use only the finest and beautiful human hair in the world. with all cuticles in the same directions. Ok, so now that you know what quality is all about, lets talk about after care. Having beautiful hair extensions isn't only about quality its also about how you take care of them after you purchase them. A good pair of great quality hair extensions can last a big while if you know how to care for them. Make sure to store them in a clean and dry area. They make hair extension cases now days. you can find them at sally's and other beauty supply stores. When brushing them be gentle and use the appropriate brush, when you buy your extensions, they should come with instructions on what is the best brushes to use on them. Also, make sure to wash them at least a day after you put any sort of styling product on them like hair spray and mouse. You don't want to have a sticky mess later. When you do wash them, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. After you wash them towel dry them and apply some sort of leave in conditioner. I recommend Chi keratin mist. Well, there it is girls, if you follow all these steps and tips, your hair extensions should last you a very long time. I have been into hair extensions ever since 2007 so I have had a couple of sets by now. I recently bought some by Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions and they great quality. I am going to review them soon. I will be doing a couple of videos on hair extensions soon including reviews on a couple of brands and how to wash them tutorial and some cute hair styles you can achieve with air extensions so stay tuned.

XOXO Steph

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